We Auditioned For America’s Got Talent

Yes, we did it! My assistant Denise and I drove to Charleston SC to audition for the #1 TV Show of the Summer. We were there with hundreds (maybe thousands) of other contestants who were anxious to share their talents. And let me tell you, there were some AMAZING individuals there!

I think we were one of only a couple magicians at the most. Had we auditioned in Philadelphia as originally planned, I’m sure we would have seen 100 other magicians. But I knew Charleston would be heavy with singers and dancers and that proved to be correct.

Will we be on the show? I cannot say because I don’t know. If you figure the AGT people are auditioning 1000 people per city and they go to a dozen or show cities, they have a TON of video footage to look over to decide on which acts will move through to the next stage. We believe we did extremely well. But that doesn’t mean we will get on. Time will tell. And if we do not get on, no worries, this will not stand in the way of our progress this year.  If we DO get on, we really could use YOUR help. IF you would be so kind to go over and LIKE my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/deancarnegiemagic/

I’m hoping to build up our online presence before the Summer comes along. This will help us tremendously when/if we actually get on the show!