Did You Hear The News???

In my December Newsletter, I let the cat out of the bag that in January 2017, I will begin my Farewell Tour. Yes, you read that right, Farewell Tour! Before you freak out, my Farewell Tour will likely last most of 2017. And I will be available for shows from NOW until end of Summer, and maybe beyond, we’ll have to reevaluate at that time.

What will I be doing??? I’m shifting my gears in 2017 from being a ‘kid show magician’ to more ‘Family Style’ performer as well as ‘Corporate Speaker’. I’ve always had multiple markets that I work in, and these often call for different performing styles. But with this moving away from the ‘kidshow’ world, it just means, I won’t be doing parties, and I likely won’t be doing as many daycares. I will still do some. My best clients will always be able to get me unless I’m out of town. I just won’t be available as frequently as I am now.

This process of shifting away from kidshows to the Family Market and Corporate Market will take a while. It’s going to involve TELEVISION, and a larger presence ONLINE. It’s going to be VERY exciting in truth. And it’s going to take a LOT of hard work. I’m basically going to attempt a move that would normally take a couple years and fit it into a few months. Will it work? It looks good on paper! Reality can be a different thing, so we will see. But that is my plan going into 2017.

OH, and you might have already noticed one of the changes…the addition of my last name ‘Carnegie’. I’ll be going by Dean Alan Carnegie, rather than Dean Alan. It’s a branding thing and with one of the TV projects coming up, I want to be sure everyone knows me by my last name too! Exciting times ahead!