Final Appearance At Locust Shade Park!


Just announced, my final appearance at Locust Shade Park for 2016. For those who don’t know, it’s an outdoor amphitheatre, so it’s soon going to be too cold out to do shows there, which is why this will be the LAST one for the year. I’ll be doing this one under my Dean Alan CARNEGIE character which means you’ll see some regular Dean Alan stuff and some cool Carnegie magic too. What’s the difference you ask? Dean Alan material is great for young kids. Carnegie material is geared towards older kids and adults.

Right now, Denise and I are working on a new routine called The Spirit Cabinet. This is something that dates back to the 1860s! And it’s just as amazing today! Is it scary? No. Is it amazing? YES! We will be adding our own twist to this amazing piece of magic so expect something really cool!

The show is Oct 22nd at 10:30am at Locust Shade Park in Triangle VA. There will be a small fee for the show so it’s best to check with the park on how much that will be.