Public Appearances


This year I’ve had a number of public appearances. The shows have ranged from libraries to parks to shopping malls. Some of the venues charge you to get in, others do not. Whenever I have a public show, I do my best to get as many people out as possible. Sometimes this can be a challenge, for example in the summer when we are having record warm temps or rain in the forecast. And it can happen in the Fall as well, with potential rain and cold temps.

Today was a final day at Locust Shade Park Amphitheatre and we had a blast. The audience totally loved the special show we created for Halloween. There were some new pieces in the show today. The Traveling Coins appeared today and totally amazed our audience. The Houdini 3 or Houdini Opener, though not new to us, was new to the attendees. Also, the Spirit Cabinet was new for both us and the audience.

Next Saturday, Oct 29th, Denise and I will be back as ‘Carnegie and Denise’ at Springfield Town Center (Springfield Mall). We are performing in their Halloween event, for the second year in a row. We will be doing the exact show we did at Locust Shade Park today, though there were be some minor alterations. Come on out to Springfield Mall on Oct 29 for a great time. We have two shows that day, 2pm and 3pm.