Speaking of Houdini

For a second year in a row, the group AtlasObscura.com asked me to be part of their ObscuraDay events in Washington DC. I had the honor of presenting a talk/demonstration on the escapes of Houdini. This year the event was sold out! My portion of the program was so much fun and so well received. I brought Houdini era handcuffs as well as one pair of real Houdini cuffs. I shared stories of Houdini’s life and presented magic pertaining to different times.

For example, when Houdini began his career he was known as the King of Cards. I shared with them a card routine that came from Houdini’s notebooks. I must say, it played very strongly even 100 years later. I also shared two escapes from different pairs of handcuffs and presented a rope escape as well. I was so happy with the response and look forward to the next time I speak on magic’s rich history.

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