Midlothian Summer Camp Magician

Midlothian Summer Camp Magician Is An Audience Favorite During The Hot Summer Months!

Welcome to the Midlothian Summer Camp Magic of Dean Alan.

Midlothian Summer Camp MagicianDean Alan is the leading Midlothian Summer Camp Magician in Mid-Atlantic area. Each Summer he presents well over 100 shows at Summer Camps across the area. This is one Summer Camp entertainer who doesn’t like to relax!


The Summer Camp shows are jammed full of fun magic. The shows are also quite funny! After-all, who doesn’t like to laugh and have a great time? Many camps have Dean Alan numerous times during the summer just because he is an audience favorite!

Every Summer for the past 15+ years, Dean Alan has brought out 2 new programs for Summer Campers. This year for preschoolers Dean will present his dinosaur magic show, Jurassic Magic. And for school-agers, they have a choice between a Magic Workshop or The Ultra Magic Show.

Dean Alan has over 20 years of experience performing in front of audiences.  Dean has developed over 50 different programs during his career and continues to create new and exciting programs each year.

This is one Midlothian Summer Camp Magician who doesn’t rest!


If you are looking for quality, experience, reliability and a FANTASTIC SHOW, then you want the best, you want the one and only Midlothian Summer Camp Magician, Dean Alan!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dean Alan, simply click here!

And if you’re really adventurous, go check out my blog where I will be posting stories from my work as a Midlothian Summer Camp Magician this year.