Summer Camp Magician

This Summer Camp Magician Has Been THE Most Popular Magician In The Area Every Summer for 20+ Years!
Welcome to the Summer Camp Magic of Dean Alan.

If you’re from Northern Virginia you’ve no doubt heard of Summer Camp Magician Dean Alan. Every summer he presents over 100 shows in a three month time frame. His record was 183 in eleven weeks!  Dean is one of the busiest full time pros in the area. This summer, is going to be his best ever and so you’ll be getting the best SHOWS ever!!!


Here is the line-up for this year 2019. For School Aged Campers, The GREATEST Magic Show! I am very excited about this show. I borrowed the title from last years hit summer Movie, “The Greatest ShowMan”. This is really about creating an unforgettable experience for EVERYONE, that means, the kids, the campers, the counselors, teachers, EVERYONE. A great deal of the magic will happen in their hands. I’ll be doing tricks with borrowed coins and cell phones. I’ll be doing tricks with bottles, toothbrushes, crayons and more that simply defy logic and defy explanation. This truly is GREAT magic, and the kind of thing I save for very high paying gigs. But this one time only, you’re going to get it for your summer shows!

For younger groups Dean will present The Magic CHEF Show, which is a silly show about food, cooking, and magic! I don’t do any real cooking in the show, other than cooking up a fun time for all.  Great for pre-k audiences who love to laugh and have a great time.

2 Amazing Shows

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