Super Heroes and Summer Magic Show

This Summer 2024, is going to be filled with Super Heroes and super magic! The show this year is my Super Marvelous Magic Show. I offered this show one time before about 10 years ago. And then after the summer I pulled it from the line up. That happens to some shows, most shows in fact. The summer shows usually go into the recycle bin to make way for new things. But occasionally, I like a show, but want to keep it a bit more exclusive, which was the case with the original Super Marvelous Magic Show.

For Summer 2024, I’ve added a few new routines to the show. One is a wacky super hero contest, where I ask questions about super heroes and if they know the answer, they can move up the board. But if they don’t know the answer, they can choose between, Card A or Card B, and see if they’ve chosen the correct answer. If they get it right, they move up. That is for school aged audiences.

The younger version of the show has plenty of fun tricks and super hero references. I’m hoping that this will be my final summer of splitting time between two different states. That may not turn out to be the case, but I’m hoping for new things next year!