Reading Shows

Dean Alan The Wizard of Reading Brings His Incredible Reading Assemblies to Schools and Libraries!

Dean Alan has been presenting his reading shows and assemblies for 20+ years. Libraries and schools in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina have enjoyed his programs. Now he is in TENNESSEE and ready to share his programs with you.

There are two main shows in the line up for schools. The Seuss-tacular Reading Show about the books and characters of Dr. Seuss. And The Marvelous Magical Stories Reading Show, which, covers a number of different books like: The Wartville Wizard, Louise-The Adventure of a Chicken, Hocus Pocus, and more. These are subject to change. Both assemblies run 40-45 minutes long and are geared toward elementary school aged children.


For Libraries in 2023-24, Dean Alan, the Wizard of Reading offers new shows every year. The new programs for Fall and Winter and Summer 2024, will be announced soon!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dean Alan, simply click here!

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