Robots Conquered the Summer Shows

The Summer Tour was a huge hit, mainly due to the theme. This summer I did a show about Robots and it was hugely successful. With the exception of one center who wanted me to do the show outside and I just simply was unable. Earlier in the summer I had a ‘health scare’ from the heat. And at that point, all outdoor shows were out of the question. No one had an issue except one school. Sadly, they were once my very best client. But the director and I couldn’t agree upon things and I thought it best for everyone, to not do the show. I didn’t want to have an incident where I might collapse outside due to the heat in front of the whole school. And, I’m sure the school wouldn’t want that either. So I backed out, and sent them some names of other performers, AND provided them a free online show as well….no cost.

But as for all the in person shows. Wow where they huge hits. Everywhere I went the response from the audiences and teachers and parents was incredible. I’m so grateful for everyone who enjoyed the shows. Thank you to everyone who took time out to say some kind words to me about the show. It’s been a long road back since the pandemic, but I’m determined to be on top again soon.