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Daycare Magician, The Most Popular In Northern Virginia! For 20 Years, Dean Alan Has Delivered The Best Magic Shows For Daycares!

Welcome to the Daycare Magic Shows of Dean Alan.

Daycare MagicianDean Alan is THE BUSIEST Daycare Magician in the Northern VA.  He specializes in making young children laugh and learn at the same time! Two decades of experience has taught him how you can make any ordinary thing magical, when you know how to speak the language of young children! That’s why THOUSANDS of preschool aged kids in the D.C. area love Dean Alan the Magician!

Dean offers a wide range of shows, from educational shows to programs that are simply for fun. In fact, ALL the shows are filled with fun routines to make kids giggle and laugh.

Dinosaur Magic ShowDean has shows that were specifically designed for the pre-k audience, like his Dr. Seuss Magic Show, and/or The Jurassic Magic Show. In October, Dean presents the ‘Fall-O-Ween’ Magic Show which is ideally suited for young children (It’s a Halloween show without the scary stuff).  In November, he presents the only magic show in the area devoted to Thanksgiving, called The Thankfully Fun Show. And closing out the year is a really special program for the holidays called The Very Merry Magic Show that is festive and fun and has quite a few heart warming memorable moments that everyone will enjoy.

If you’re booking for a daycare you want several things: Experience, Reliability, Dependability, Value, and you want a good show. You can expect all that and more from the best  Daycare Magician, Dean Alan!

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