Halloween Magic Show

Halloween Magic Show for Kids in Nashville!

Halloween Magic Show for Daycare center

Nashville Magician Dean Alan has two different Halloween magic shows for the month of October. The first is a preschool show called The FALL-O-Ween Magic Show. It has all the fun stuff that you might expect but nothing scary in the show. For those who want specifics, NO WITCHES, Nothing that is frightening to young children. There are some ghosts, but they are casper-friendly like ghosts. The Fall-O-Ween Show is 45 minutes of  enjoyable and silly magic ideal for young children. Click here to book the show.

IF you want something a tiny bit more edgy, The Frightfully FUN Show is great for kids a little bit older. It’s actually not really scary either but there are more references to monsters and other traditional Halloween creatures. There might be tricks with bugs and spiders (fake ones), there might be tricks with Frankenstein. The show changes every year with new additions and new material added so if you’ve seen it before, there will always be new things to watch and experience! Click here to book the show.

Now, if you’re looking for something a bit more over the top and budget isn’t a problem, we suggest you contact our friend Carnegie and ask about HIS Halloween Magic Show!!!! (It’s a much larger show in scale and meant for bigger audiences) www.Carnegiemagic.com



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