Welcome To The “Promote The Show” Page!!!

Here you will find additional posters, photos and/or flyers that you can use to promote your upcoming show. This page is provided for CLIENTS ONLY. Simply click on the image to see the larger size and then print it, or if you prefer, drag/drop it to your desktop if you have to customize it. Scroll Down the page to see all the various posters and flyers.

Photo (100dpi, size 6x6inches)

Poster Hi-res. (300 dpi, 8.5×11)

Poster lo-res. (100dpi, 8×11)

Poster lo-res Black/White (100dpi, 8×11)








Flyer B/W (100dpi, 8×11)

This flyer (to the left) can be customized by you. We have left a blank part to the right of the picture for you to add any text you would like when sending them home to parents. Usually people just put something like “Reminder of tomorrows magic show, please arrive at (state time) so your child doesn’t miss the show!”

You can also use the space to encourage parents to attend if it’s an evening show or a show for a special event, like an open house. You can customize it however you desire!

These six posters below are for specific shows. Simply click on the poster you want to see the larger size, and then download it to your printer or drag/drop to your desktop to customize.