The Fall-o-ween Magic Show


The Falloween Magic Show was created for younger children. It’s a Halloween magic show without the scary* stuff. No witches, no references to potions or witchcraft and definitely no blood! Just silly magic with pumpkins, fall colored leaves, candy, and more.  In my show, there are friendly cartoon like ghosts, and the ghosts are the scared-e-cats, but they are lovable and quite friendly. The show changes every year so if you’ve seen it before, you’ll likely see something new this year! I also have a wonderful routine where a child gets to choose one leaf from among a bunch of colorful leaves.  We then loose it among the huge batch of leaves and I try to find it to no avail. The child, however, magically finds their chosen leaf!

The show runs approx 40-45 minutes in length. My table will get decorated with a drape with images of pumpkins and fall leaves. Again, this is a preschool show and your kids will have a great time watching the magic and sharing in the fun.

By the way, I do have another version of the show more suitable to elementary school aged kids as well!

*Some children are afraid of everything, but I make a point to stay away from most of the scary stuff that people think of during Halloween.

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This video was from the 2015 version of the show. We change the show every year.


Dean Alan – 703-404-8902

[email protected]

AND If you already have the info  you need and are ready to book, you can contact us via phone, email, or by clicking book a show!


IF you click the image below/left you can print out a copy of the show POSTER, and if you click below right you can print out a copy of the show FLYER.



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