The Thankfully Fun Show


The Thankfully Fun Show is the only magic show about Thanksgiving! Kids get to learn fun facts about the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, Squanto and the Indians and even turkeys! It’s a light hearted show filled with magic and silly antics and yet has just the right mix of educational content to make it fun for teachers and for kids. In recent years, I’ve added a giant turkey puppet named TOM, who shows up and tells silly jokes to the kids! He is a riot! You can search high and low and you’re not likely to find another magic show devoted to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The show itself is 40-45 minutes long. It is VERY popular. I will be doing the show in both the Nashville area and one week in Northern Virginia, my old stomping grounds. Dates will go quickly, so please, if you want the show, contact me asap.

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Dean Alan – 703-404-8902

[email protected]

AND If you already have the info you need and are ready to book, you can contact us via phone, email, or by clicking book a show!



IF you click the image below/left you can print out a copy of the show POSTER, and if you click below right you can print out a copy of the show FLYER.


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