A Virtual Magic Show Allows You To Experience Great Magic In A Unique Way At Home OR At Your School (Daycare)!

I am offering 3 types of VIRTUAL Magic Shows in 2020.
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Virtual Magic Show

Virtual Magic Show #1

Virtual Magic Show is a popular alternative to live entertainment. Virtual Magic Shows are presented LIVE over Zoom. As a Virtual magician, I present magic that is fun, visual, and interactive. YES, I get the kids involved in the show. Imagine seeing an orchestra, and there is the Conductor guiding his/her musicians to play the best music possible. Well, that is what I do. I present the show but I will conduct and instruct the audience on how to be involved. I want the audience to be active, engaged in the show, not watching it passively. A LOT of work has gone into creative an incredible interactive version of my show. Currently, I expect all of my shows to be available in a Virtual Format. I don’t expect to do any in-house shows until the pandemic situation is resolved. I’m restricted by group sizes now as it is. But none of that is an issue with Virtual Shows.

The Virtual Magic Show  Daycare Package, you get a choice of a number of different shows from my full list of shows. There are no in-house shows until the pandemic is over.

Virtual Magic Show #2

In this version, you again can choose from my roster of shows. Then I go about recording a special customized version of the show for your group. I’ll include the name of your school, teachers names, even kids names if you like. It will be strictly for your school only. This type of program has been requested numerous times now by schools and groups that cannot do the LIVE version because their facility isn’t set up for the LIVE-Virtual version. This recorded show will be presented just as if it were live and still contain moments that are interactive. It’s a good solution and you receive a temporary license to show it at your facility for an agreed upon period of time.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients who has scheduled a number of these special recorded programs and loves them!!!

V.Mayes, Director, St. Stephens UMC Preschool, Burke, VA

The VIRTUAL Birthday Show Live!!!


Virtual Birthday Magic Show


This show is for KIDS and families.  This is a great birthday party show with magic and loads of fun surprises. It’s geared towards younger children ages 3-9, but parents are sure to enjoy the fun as well.  Expect lots of silliness, lots of crazy things happening, and then some really coo magic that at times is interactive (that means the kids get to help make the magic a reality!) This show is presented over ZOOM. For pricing information, email us today    [email protected]   subject: BD Show


Magic Shows Where You Buy A Ticket And Watch From Home

I am also doing ticketed show where the shows are presented LIVE over ZOOM and you’ll need to buy a ticket. One ticket per household. I have numerous shows running throughout the year. Not every one of the ticketed shows is kid friendly. Some are family friendly, some are not. If you visit you can see the current line-up  of Virtual Magic Shows and which ones are family friendly and which are not. ALL shows are presented by me, but I have multiple characters that I portray, for example: The Steampunk Illusionist, The Wizard of Reading, Professor Carnegie, Carnegie Artist of Mystery, and Dean Alan the Amazing Magician, to name a few!