Farewell Tour Or No Farewell Tour

Earlier in 2017, I mentioned that I’d be beginning my Farewell Tour this year. Well, as you might imagine, plans had to be altered slightly. Not everything worked out this year the way I had predicted it would. So, rather than finishing up my Farewell Tour now, I’ve really hardly begun, lol.

I’ll continue doing what I call ‘Dean Alan Magic Shows’ for a while yet, well into 2018. Maybe after Summer 2018 I’ll change things around. I’m looking for a fill-in performer and that has proven to be a little more difficult than I imagined. I’m also going to be franchising out some of my ‘one-of-a-kind’ magic shows to different performers across the US. 

Despite things not totally working out the way I hoped, there were still things that went incredibly well. I made some major strides career-wise. I set records almost every month this year. I have taken birthday parties OFF of my line-up of shows. I will no longer be doing birthdays. However, if you need a birthday performer, I am happy to refer you to a great one!

I’m already gearing up for 2018 and have so much in store this coming year…just wait and see!