First Summer Show Is Done!

Well the opening of the Summer Magic Tour 2015 is off and running. The first show was this past week and what a fun crowd I had! The photo above is from the school and you’ll notice a teacher holding up a picture. This was drawn during the ‘Magic Drawing Contest’ which turned out to be merely a ‘Drawing Contest’ because I forgot something, lol. But it was still fun and I LOVED the picture she drew of ME 🙂

Friday I had 1 magic workshop and 6 magic shows. The 6 were for one client and they all went wonderfully. I should have taken some photos there but I was too caught up in resetting the show and doing the show!

If you’re on the summer tour, watch out for Marco the Monkey, he is a big hit this Summer! AND if you’re still looking for a Summer show, I have a couple of dates left, not many, but I may be able to squeeze you in. The show is really awesome this year!!!!