I’m Still HERE!!!

Boy does that title have double meaning. On one hand it means I’m still in Virginia, have not moved to Nashville, as I had planned. The other meaning is, I’m still here, as in, I didn’t die. The two meanings are connected. Seems that while taking a load of things to my house in Nashville, I developed a blood clot, which broke and because a Pulmonary Embolism. My leg was bothering me on the day I was to return, and though I was planning on driving home, I chose to delay my return and go to the E.R.. That’s when the diagnosis was made, that’s when I was put IN the hospital. That’s when my life took a dark turn.

I’ll not go into too much other than to say, it appears I’ll still be in Virginia for the foreseeable future, despite having a house in Nashville. I can’t make the drive back and forth as I had originally planned. So, because I have several months of work already booked, I’m here. My brother is tending to my house.

Frustrating. But as I said when I started, “I’m still here!”