It Feels Like Ground Hog Day (the Movie)

We just had Ground Hog Day, the day, but my is feeling like Ground Hog Day the MOVIE. If you’re not familiar, this is a movie where the main character kept reliving the same day over again and again and again. In my case, this time last year I was telling everyone, “This is the LAST YEAR for my Dr. Seuss Show…..This is the LAST YEAR For my SUMMER Shows” and because of a health related incident, I’m still here. For the record, I AM MOVING TO NASHVILLE TN. I have a house there with half of my belongings in it already. But on my last trip there in Oct 2019, I developed a blood clot in my leg which then went to my lung, which put me in the hospital for several days and left me unable to walk for almost a month. YEAH I KNOW!!!! Crazy. When I finally got back to Virginia, I was told to ‘avoid driving long distances for a while’. So that put my move to Nashville to a complete halt. It’s not really a huge deal because I’m self employed and I can do magic shows anywhere. And so many of my clients are here in VA, it was easy to stay behind. And I know everyone was thrilled that they got to take advantage of my shows one more time.

What does the future hold???? I wish I could answer that. I do still plan to move. I expect to move after the summer. But for now, everything is kind of on hold. So while it is, you get to have SHOWS, and MORE SHOWS!!!!!