Summer About Over


Well, did you have a good summer? I can say without question I did not. My typical summer is over 100 shows. This summer I didn’t get to 30 shows. Can’t pay bills on that. Can’t stay in business on that. I went out of my way to help my clients, truly. I gave a package of shows for the price of less than one show. Only a handful of people took me up on it.

I still have August. So I’m hoping some folks will contact me about Virtual Summer Camp Shows in August. Right now there are none. I’m about 90% sure that this was it for me and the summer camp market. This summer was crushing. I’m still in business, because I have other markets I’m reaching out to. But if I had relied strictly upon Summer Camps, I’d be done. This virus is doing more damage than just making people sick. It’s destroying businesses, livelihoods, careers, and it may soon be destroying whole established markets.

I’ve made myself available to my clients in this Virtual way. I’ve had folks tell me, my show was the best Virtual program of it’s kind. I’ve had others tell me, compared to what other people are doing mine is flawless and fun. Those are the best comments. The worst comment I received this summer, “the kids loved the show! they were so happy to see their favorite magician again”. That was on a show that was filled with internet problems (beyond my control, it was on their end). And the kids still loved it. But part of the reason was, I gave them a way to see the show a second time by providing a recorded version. So in the event of internet issues, they could still enjoy the show.

If you’re out there and you want to take advantage of a LIVE/Interactive Summer Camp Show, contact me today while there is still time. Once summer is finished, I will have to reevaluate what I’m doing.