Summer OVER Fall Begins!


Technically, Summer is not over, but my Summer Tour is complete. And for over a month now, people have been booking shows for Sept, October, November and December AND January and beyond! I never know from year to year how the bookings will play out. I know they’ll all come, but I never know WHEN. Some years it’s last minute, other years it’s early. This year it looks like a lot of people are early and if you wait till the last minute, you won’t get a date. I have already had to start to turn people away because they want a specific date and it’s long gone.

What can you expect to see in Fall? For October, my new Fall-O-Ween Magic show has quite a bit of new material. I’m very thrilled with the ‘Kid In A Costume’ Trick. It’s a cute routine with a picture of a girl who tries to dress as a princess, but every attempt she ends up in the wrong costume. Finally at the end she ends up as a wonderful princess, thanks to the assistance of the audience. There is another routine I’m getting ready about carving a face in a pumpkin, but each time I try, the vegetable is wrong, it’s a squash-o-lantern, or a pepper-o-lantern, etc. That should be a cute routine.

Then in November, I’m so thrilled to have a new feature in my Thankfully Fun Show, a very large Turkey Puppet! He is really going to spice up the show a lot. And most of the dates for that show are taken. I have Nov 14, 15, 16 in the morning and afternoon and Nov 17, 18 in the afternoon, and Nov 23 in the morning, and that’s it.

I’ll have more info on the Very Merry Magic Show next month! Until then, have a magical life!