Tragedy Strikes


2016 started off to be a stellar year, but all of that came to an abrupt halt in May 2016. Within a few days of each other my best friend Bobby Dymond passed away, and then my Dad passed away. It’s hard when you loose someone close to you, but loosing two people….I can’t even begin to share what the grief and anguish is like. I know some people bounce back pretty quickly from these things. My friend Bobby for example, he lost his Dad a few years ago and he seemed to bounce back with no trouble.

But for me, there has been no bouncing back. There has been no movement of any kind. Just deep emotional grieving. If I was going to pass on any words of wisdom, it would be this. Live every day as if it were your last, and let those around you know you love them. And for goodness sake, be kind to people, because you never know what they’re secretly dealing with in their lives.

Bobby was only 61. He had recently been hospitalized for cancer treatment and came through great. But he developed pneumonia and died from congestive heart failure related to his pneumonia. My Dad had been hospitalized for 40 days and had gone through multiple procedures but never gained enough strength to recover from all of it. He was 75.