Virginia Preschool Magician

Virginia Preschool Magician Is Simply An Amazing Performer For Young Children. Why You Ask? Probably His 20 Years of Experience and His Guaranteed Fun Show! 

Welcome to the Preschool Magic of Dean Alan.

Dean Alan is one of the best professional Preschool Magicians working in the United States today.  During his career Dean has presented thousands of shows all over the U.S. and abroad. This is one Virginia Preschool magician that you simply must see for yourself!

Dean Alan specializes in preschool shows. Directors love how easy he is to work with! Kids and teachers enjoy his fun filled shows. He has a number of shows that were specifically designed for the pre-k audience, like his Dr. Seuss Magic Show, and The Fairy Tale Magic Show. New for 2015 is a Super Hero Magic Show where kids get to learn who the true Super Heroes are that are all around us.  Dean usually has a program for special holidays as well like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are looking for experience, reliability and a show that your kids will love, then you want the best, Virginia Preschool Magician, Dean Alan!

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Virginia Preschool Magician