Final Full Time Year

This is it my friends. 2019 is a year of change, and that means, ole Dean Alan is relocating. I will be moving to Nashville TN in September of this year. That is good new for me, not so good for many of you. BUT there is good news. I am planning on returning to the area 1 week per month, as time allows. This way I can continue to present programs for my many clients and not leave you in a bind. The best way to think about it is I am just SUPER BUSY, and you need to book those particular weeks in order to get me. The truth of the matter, I’ll be setting up my newly revamped business in Nashville. When I say newly revamped, I am referring to a new direction that I’m going to focus on, which is the Performing Arts Centers market. I have wanted to move in this direction for a few years but several unfortunate deaths in the family, have prevented me from doing this. Hopefully, sometime in the coming year, I can contact you about a theatre program I’m doing and you can bring your kids out on a field trip to the theatre!

I’ve been fairly low-key with this information. In fact, I’ve only told two clients. I haven’t decided when I’m going to tell the masses. But IF you read my blog here, you’ll know NOW. I should give a prize to the first person who says they read about this on my blog. YES, I will do just that. Call me or email me at [email protected] and tell me you heard I was moving away via my blog. The first person wins a prize!